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Welcome to the Reus Systems Website. Your time is valuable and the scope of this business goes well beyond these pages so this is limited to what should help in forming an intelligent opinion of this company as well as its products and services. Fancy website special effects have been omitted as they will not make you aware of how stunning your car can sound. Experiencing one of our systems will.

The world of mobile electronics can be very confusing. Virtually all manufacturers and installers claim to be "the best" when in fact there is no best - just what sounds preferable to you. In most instances when a so called "revolutionary innovation" is announced, it is a good bet Reus Systems has already been there - so we have a pretty good idea of what is going to work, or just as importantly, not work in your car.

Since 1971, through thousands of installations, Reus Systems has navigated its clientele through the audio maze, enabling them to enjoy ³state of the art² audio systems that have met their every expectation in musical satisfaction and system reliability.

Knowing that our database includes dozens of celebrities will not make your car sound better. However, knowing that our client list includes well-known recording artists, engineers and studio musicians who routinely use their vehicles to reference what they have done in the recording studio should tell you something about our capabilities.

It is fashionable in much of the car stereo industry to promote the overpowered, over-speakered thump and bump sound. This is not our focus. Reus designed systems are for a more discerning audience. The individual who prefers to listen to the music rather than the electronics - The individual who cares about his or her car, expecting its integrity to stay intact without being mauled with components that really have no place in it.

We feel Reus Systems is among industry's elite at what we do and given the opportunity to earn your business we believe you will too.